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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1What is the use of cooling tower in a process plant?
A. To cool hot water for reuse in the process plant.

Q2What is meant by approach to the cooling tower?
A. The temperature difference between the water leaving a cooling tower and the wet-bulb temperature of the air entering the tower.

Q3What is Wet bulb temperature?
A. Temperature as indicated by a thermometer the bulb of which is kept moist by wick over which air is circulated. This is theoretically, the lowest temperature to which water can be cooled and it depends on the dry bulb temperature and relative humidity of the ambient air.

Q4What is meant by range of a cooling tower?
A. The temperature difference between the hot and cold water in a cooling tower.

Q5What is meant by drift loss in a cooling tower.
A. Loss of water due to wind.

Q6What is the difference between the heat exchanger and cooling tower?
A. The cooling towers works on evaporation of water, but heat exchanger works on the conduction and convection both.

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